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“Personally, I cannot imagine ever going anywhere else. I would recommend Zeitlin.”

“Rachel, not only are you a miracle worker, you’re also a stylist genius. The glasses are perfect for me. It’s as though I had been with you, looking at the different styles and we both agreed on this one. They make me look ten years younger. They make me look five pounds lighter. I saw similar ones in an ad in the NY Times on Sunday, so they make me look very stylish. They are wider than the previous ones so I can see more and it’s more comfortable. The color black is perfect for me. Unbelievable. I’m wearing the glasses now and can SEE. At last! Thank you, thank you!”
—Mary Coit

“It’s truly been one of the best retail experiences I have ever had.”
—Elbert L.

“I’ve been wearing glasses for the last 20+ years of my life, and I had recently moved into the area for work and was looking for a place to make a new pair. I stumbled across Zeitlin Optik on Yelp, and it is the best optical shop I have ever been to by far.
Their selection is stunning, they have any style to suit any taste and then some. The staff (Rachel, Alberto and William) are so incredibly patient and helpful with giving suggestions and helping me decide on the frame that best suit my taste. I felt so comfortable there that I wish I could’ve hung around all day trying on frames. The speed with which they fulfilled my order also deserves mention, I've so far made 2 pairs of lenses with them, the first was ready for collection the next morning, and the second set was ready on the evening of the same day.  
But the best part of my experience definitely came after the purchase of my glasses. I was unfortunate enough to get a scratch on one of my lenses a month or so after buying my glasses, and I went back asking if it could be buffed out by any chance. What they did for me instead was to provide me with a brand new lens instead, free of charge, within the same day. Needless to say, I was extremely touched by this gesture.
I highly recommend this store to anyone looking to make a pair of glasses. It’s truly been one of the best retail experiences I have ever had.”
—Elbert L.






“Impeccable, efficient and courteous service.
Thank You!”
—Laura G.

“I’ve been going to Zeitlin Optik for years—first, while it was run by Marc, and I’ve continued to go since his daughter Rachel took it over. Shopping there is always an absolute pleasure. There’s a lot of eyeglass stores in the neighborhood, but this one is by far the best to deal with, and always has a unique selection to choose from. I’m really picky, and Rachel is super patient in bringing me style after style without a complaint! I always leave with something I love. Will continue to make this my optic go-to!”

—Lyn K.

“I had previously used another high end optician in Manhattan for many years but when it was time for new glasses I simply balked at their ridiculously high prices and chose Zeitlin instead. The service I received from William and Rachel was top notch and I am very happy with with my new eyeglasses. They were not by any means cheap, but the frame is a top of the line French model and the lenses are from Zeiss which I have always worn. My vision is excellent with them, and the lenses are very thin for my heavy Rx. In addition, I am impressed that they make all of their lenses right on the premises. Overall they did an excellent job for considerably less money than I would have had to spend at my old optician and I highly recommend them.”
—Stephen L.


“There’s always a solution, never a problem there. I can’t tell you what a pleasure it is to have finally found a place to get what I want. And believe me, I’ve searched.”
—Lili J.

“Whatever your profession or personality, Marc, Rachel, and staff are incredibly savvy at helping you find the perfect frames that fit your current lifestyle or aspirational self. Take as much time as you like, they want you to be thrilled with your frames—and you will be. People will stop you in the street and ask where you got those frames. Zeitlin Optik is a rare find. I rely on their precision in grinding even complex prescriptions and I am welcome any time for polishing or adjustments to the fit (I am hard on my frames), or just to try on the latest. Great people, wonderful store. Go and you will be spoiled forever.”
—Deb R.

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“I’ve bought my glasses ONLY at Zeitlin for about 20 years. As an architect, I appreciate Marc’s keen sense of style and craft. The selection of frames is extraordinary and exclusive, suiting a range of taste and personality, while never seeming outright pretentious or trendy. He not only makes sure that the glasses fit your face, but that they project who you are.”
—Ivan Brice, Architect

“I nearly cried last year when I left Zeitlin wearing my new glasses. It was as if I was 10 again – nearly 50 years ago – and got my first pair of glasses, and saw the leaves on trees for the first time. Priceless.”
—Katy R.

“Last week, on my first visit to NYC, I broke my reading glasses. With an opera to attend that evening and a flight to catch next day, time was short. Eddie and his assistant were delightful to deal with—it only took them three tries to find me the perfect frames. Eddie did a running repair on the old glasses so that I could read my programme at the opera. Next day the new glasses were ready at the time promised, and I was all set to read my book on the flight home. Since my return I have had many compliments about the frames, and I do appreciate the quality of the lenses, as I have not experienced such comfort when reading for some time. Thank you, Eddie and colleague.”  
—Best wishes, Christina Wills, Argyll, Scotland

“I’ve been buying glasses from Marc Zeitlin for about 15 years. Marc is a man who brings a missionary-like zeal to his work, and it shows: His lenses are outstanding. And it’s not just me who thinks so: Two different eye doctors who’ve examined me have commented—unprompted and spontaneously—on the high quality of my lenses. Zeitlin’s frames are first caliber, too. Not surprisingly, all this skill and taste and handholding comes with a price. But I guarantee you, this is money that is VERY well spent.”
—Sara S.

 “I have known Marc and his work for almost 12 years. He has made my quest for excellent and stylish eyewear a perfectly simple one! His team is superb too. They are friendly and very capable. It has been a fun and rewarding experience to have Marc on my side for my eyewear needs.”
—Helen L

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